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Fundraising Opportunities

We wouldn't have "Good" in our name if we didn't do good

To show our appreciation, F N Good Food has a way to help.

Fundraising Meets Innovation

There are all kinds of worthy projects in this F N Good world, but all the noble intentions and ideas need money to become reality... and the pressure to deliver that falls on the shoulders of volunteer fundraisers.

The F N Good Food Fundraiser Program is a simple and innovative way for you to raise funds without any up-front investment.

Just answer a few questions about your organization and what the fundraising efforts are for, and if approved, we'll give you a "one-time" code for the F N Good Food website. You will then share that code with those who support your project.

Whenever anyone uses that code to purchase anything on our website, we'll give your group 30% of every dollar, of every sale (not including taxes/shipping, gift certificates).

Your members will decide what they want to purchase in our chef-created line of foods... seasonings, oils, vinegars, extracts, soup mixes...and many other savoury and sweet food products... including our sugar and gluten-free line.

It's that simple! You won't need to handle any product or track any sales. We'll do all that and just send you your share.

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